Where should I place my inflatable?

The surface you place your inflatable must be placed flat pavement , smooth concrete or grass area free of mud, gravel, transferable oil deposits. Also must have area free from any overhanging tree limbs.  Must be accessible by truck for delivery.

Must be accessible by hand truck (difficult areas must be prearranged due to the weight of inflatables)

Adult supervision is required at all times (the safety of your kids and the equipment depends on it.

Must have a flat grass area free from underground utilities. (long stakes will be driven into the ground

Will I have to provide power for the event?

Must have suitable power available within 100' of unit, maximum of 100' extension cords are provided. CBA does have Generators for a small fee when the required distance is not available. 

How far does CBA travel?

Delivery within 30 miles is free! We will deliver anywhere outside of 30 Miles for .55 cents a mile ROUND TRIP.